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What’s a Font?

Revalia from Google Web Fonts

We all use fonts yet rarely notice they are designed. Here are some interesting details to help you notice fonts.

Fonts are magical. Not only are fonts our language made visible, they also convey emotion. There actually are happy fonts and sad fonts, serious fonts and not so serious fonts. Fonts also have lots of exotic creatures like curly quotes, em dashes, ornaments, ampersands, and more.

While everybody recognizes fonts when they pay attention, not everybody notices differences in fonts automatically.

The best part about fonts? They help teach you to see what we mostly ignore in our daily lives.

Here are some basic facts and details about fonts. Maybe you’ll become more sensitive to them and to typography, how print appears on paper, screen, and elsewhere.


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We all use fonts yet rarely notice they are designed. Here are some interesting details to help you notice fonts.

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