It’s YOUR Write!

Victor R. Ruiz

Learn how Twine can be used to make interactive games and stories.

Have you ever wanted to make a videogame, but you’re more comfortable as a writer than an artist? Or maybe you want to make interesting games that aren’t all about action? Do you want to make stories you’ve written come to life? Maybe you just want an easy way to get started with games without having to be an experienced programmer first?

If any of those are true for you, then you might want to try learning how to write interactive fiction.

Interactive fiction has been a part of videogames since the beginning of computers. Back in 1976, Will Crowther created the very first “interactive fiction” game for a computer: Colossal Cave Adventure. Colossal Cave Adventure was a small game where the game described every scene in text and you typed in a description of what you wanted to do next.

In this way, Colossal Cave Adventure was the prototype for text adventure games. These kinds of games were at their most popular back in the ’70s and ’80s, but they’re still being made today! A program called Inform7 is a really popular way to design these kinds of interactive stories. One of my personal favorites is a game called Photopia, a short and strangely poignant story that shifts between small scenes of space exploration, high fantasy, and real world tragedy with color as the underlying theme:


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