Beth Rosenberg Talks How Tech Kids Unlimited Helps Kids Who Learn Differently

With a wave of kids with special needs graduating high school, how can technology help them with resumes, college, jobs, and careers?

An Interview with Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a software architect and Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) focusing on security concepts and process improvement in a Fortune 50 company. He's based in Australia.

Simon Haughton Talks about Kids, Python, and Computer Science

Simon recently wrote a short ebook, A children's guide to Python programming, to teach kids ages 5-8 computer programming with Python. He also maintains a brilliant website full of free resources to help teachers and students learn computer science and software programming.

Claude Shannon

His work ties together two topics for this issue of the magazine: binary numbers and circuit design. Without Shannon, computers and computer science could have been very different.

Owls and Super Bugs

Here are two programmers who use their coding skills to solve complex problems, one coder helped track endangered owls in Yosemite and the other coder used his skills to track and isolate a deadly virus in a hospital isolation ward.

An Interview with Patrice Gans

A university trained programmer, with a masters in computer science and a full professional career, Patrice today teaches technology and computer science to kids in kindergarten through eighth grade at Fraser Woods Montessori School in Newtown, Connecticut. She has some great insights into kids, teaching, and technology.