Language of the Month


This spiffy new programming language combines the best of typed and untyped languages.


Dive into this exciting new language and learn how to manage computer memory without giving yourself a headache!


It’s time for a throw back to old school programming. Dive into the nuts and bolts of coding instructions!


Learn why this powerful, 40-year old language is still popular today.


Get lost in a mess of infinite lists with this kooky, lazy language.

Lambda Calculus

It’s a programming language unlike any you’ve seen before. Check out this symbolic system designed for mathematical calculations.


It looks like JavaScript, has a Python aesthetic, and integrates easily with C/C++. Meet Lua: a scripting language for fantasy computers.


Why use three languages to make a stunning web page when you can use just one?

Clojure (or Common Lisp)

A language from the Lisp family with simple syntax and a new approach to writing code.


Introduction to a dynamic, Python-like language that can do scientific calculations at high speed.

Kotlin: A New(-ish) Kid on the Block

An introduction to a hip new alternative to Java. It’s all the rage in android development!

Piet: A Language of Colors

This programming language uses colors instead of text and punctuation to add and perform other tasks.

Introduction to Lego EV3

With an EV3 robotics set, you can build all kinds of robots!


Why would a musician learn to code? As it turns out coding is not just for those who want to create a new video game, control a robot, or design a website. Coding can be applied to the arts as well. In the early 2000’s computer music designer (and now assistant professor at Stanford) Ge […]


This programming language introduced ideas and solutions we take for granted in today's languages.


The Alda programming language lets you write and play music on your computer by typing simple commands.


This programming language is both easy to learn and teaches excellent coding form.


This open source programming language is used to create web, servers, mobile, and IoT apps.


The Clojure programming language provides the simplicity of a Lisp programming language with the ability to run in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


The new Rust programming language is designed to solve problems with operating systems and fix issues with C and other languages.


Flexibility is the most interesting quality of the Nim programming language.


Developed in 1993, Ruby is a highly flexible programming language used in many large scale online applications at Twitter, Kickstarter, and other companies.


Apple's new Swift programming language is an interesting language to study and learn, plus an opportunity to watch a new language evolve.


VRML, or Virtual Reality Modeling Language, is an ancient language but still lets you create simple three-dimensional objects.


The C programming language is used often in operating systems and has influenced other languages for decades.


This language lets you modify the Skyrim game to learn game coding plus have fun adding objects and functionality to the game.


People use the Scratch language to create interactive stories, games, and animations. Includes an active community to share projects.


This language, developed in the 1960s, exists solely to introduce children to basic programming concepts and teach programming.


One of two key programming languages (Lisp is the other), FORTRAN defined many of the key ideas used in programming languages.


An ancient language from 1958 lives on and is used to solve modern problems in programming and computer science.