Anatomy of an Email Address

What’s allowed in an e-mail address? Let’s break down the syntax.

Llama Emoji

Who chooses new emojis? And what’s coming in the next batch?

What Time is It?

Learn about the origin of Unix time, the calendar system used by digital devices.

The Blue Brain Project

Could a human brain be simulated by a computer? Would it think and feel like we do?

History of Game Controllers

Controllers have come a long way in 50 years. Let’s appreciate the bulky, awkward ancestors that led us here!


This Canadian experiment used a robot to explore how people respond to robots and technology.

Web Browser History

While everybody on the planet has used a web browser, many people don't know about web browser history.

Computer Keyboard History

Believe it or not, computers and keyboards were not invented together.

The History of Artificial Intelligence

The many pieces that make up AI have been built and used for thousands of years in many cultures.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

An essay from the 1990s explores how software can be built like a cathedral or in groups like a bazaar.

Coding the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)

Learn about and explore the code used to guide Apollo missions.

Single Board Computers

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, Micro Bit, Edison, CHIP, and other handheld computers trace their history to board computers used by engineers.

Why Do Designers Hate Comic Sans?

The history of the font and the reasons people hate Comic Sans are great ways to learn about typography.

Gnomes, Gnomedozers, Spoonriders, and Zen Gnomes

Why are there so many gnomes available for 3D printing?

Dead Programming Languages

Of 8500 plus programming languages, many are forgotten or lightly used enough to be called dead programming languages.

History of Video Games

Can you name the first video game? The first game likely was Tennis for Two in 1958 but it could be Space Wars! in 1962 or other games. It's complicated.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test, and its creator Alan Turing, have had a profound effect on computer science and artificial intelligence.