Hash and Salt

Learn the delicious-sounding secrets that websites use to keep your passwords safe from hackers.

Pigeon Hole Principle

A simple, quirky theorem with big applications, from picking socks to counting hairs.

Locks to Lightbulbs (IoT)

There are pros and cons to networking all the “smart” devices in your home. What surprises does the future hold?

A License to Code

Is it possible to steal software? And how do we know who owns code?


A quick primer to the ins and outs of typed vs untyped programming languages.

What’s a Day Zero Virus?

Learn what your antivirus software does, and why it’s important to keep it updated.

How do Driverless Cars See?

Driverless cars could mean less traffic and less accidents, but their developers have some challenges to solve.


Eating dog food doesn't sound like much fun but it's an important part of creating software.

Graphics Cards

Why does your computer need special hardware to render graphics? And what’s the deal with all those pixels, anyways?

Model View Controller

Learn the secret to creating huge programs without getting lost in thousands of lines of code.

Print a 3D Galaxy

In the future, will computers be able to do everything? Even create an entire universe?


What’s the best way to choose a classroom lunch? Or the best way to elect a leader? The answer isn’t so simple.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Learn about the shiny new technology that allows us to be connected like never before.

How do Biometric Scans Work?

Keep your passwords at the tip of your fingers, or maybe at the back of your eyes!

File Systems

‘Files’ may be easy concepts for humans, but not for computers. What’s going on inside your operating system?

Paper Clips Run Amok

A simple thought experiment to shed light on the potential dangers of AI. Can we stop the earth being buried in paperclips?

Requests and Responses

Ever wondered what happens when you connect to a website? Time to dive into the secrets of networking!

Introduction to Memory Management

Dive into the nuts & bolts of storing pictures and files on your computer.

Credit Card Algorithm

How can you tell if a credit card number is valid or invalid? Meet the Luhn algorithm, one of many checksums helping us keep the internet in order.

Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Learn about the brilliant algorithm behind all of your GPS devices.

Image Filters

Learn the secrets behind pixels, image blurs, and all your favourite Instagram filters!

The Uncanny Valley

There might be a reason that too-real robot and video game character creeps you out.


Software programming does neat things with language, in this case, mixing capital letters.

Chain of Command, Command of Language

How do computers predict what text you want to write next? Here's how to create predictive stories.

On Sorting

Have you ever put books in alphabetical order? What do you think the best method of alphabetizing would be?

P v NP: A Modern Mystery

Can we measure the time and steps required for things to happen?

What is Clean Code?

While you can't use soap and water on your code, you can keep your code as sparkly clean as any dish or silverware.


Most people love cookies. But these cookies are the kind that make the internet possible.


State is an important concept in computer science as well as our everyday lives.

Garbage Collection

Computers collect garbage the way humans do. Here's how they manage memory space.