Best Practices

9 Important Questions Parents Forget to Ask When Choosing a Tech Camp

It's almost time to think about summer tech camps if your kids are interested. Here are a few questions to ask.

Common Problems Programmers Face

Developers deal with common problems in their work. Here’s are a few problems and how to overcome them.

How to Erase Your Hard Drive

Deleting files on your computer doesn't make them disappear.

Key Skills Programmers Should Learn

There are several key skills that I believe you need to have if you want to be a software programmer.

How to be a Lousy Programmer

What makes a programmer lousy is a good way to identify what makes a programmer great.

What is VR Sickness?

Virtual reality has brought to the masses an old problem with flight simulators: what happens when our brain, ears, and eyes disagree?

My Invention Literacy Research

Teacher and librarian Colleen Graves describes her journey with her students learning about invention literacy.

Programming Mistakes Beginners Make

Here's how to tell if you are a beginner programmer or if your programming skills are evolving.

5 Ways to Learn Programming Languages

If you are looking for ways to learn a new programming language or framework, here are my 5 suggestions.

What Programming Language Should Students Learn First?

The choice of a first programming language can be overwhelming, from simple drag and drop to full languages.

How to Be a Better Programmer

10 steps you can take to improve your skills as a programmer.

Computing at School (CAS)

Computing at School (CAS) provides resources and support for computer science teachers and parents.

The Drone Factor

Best practices and concepts to learn before you buy your first drone.

Rules for Robots

Robots and people need rules to function.

Unit Testing

Unit testing tests a set of code with data to test with the code and details about how the code is used and operated upon.

Math Circles

Math circles are groups of students who come together to have fun discussing and solving intriguing math questions.

The How and Why of Breadboards

This key part of electronics projects turns out to be easy to understand. Learn about breadboards by building a simple LED project with a 9V battery.

How We Designed a School Robot

How our all girls high school robotics team designed then built a robot to compete in FIRST competitions next year.

How to Foster Genius Hour in the Classroom

These fifth grade students use their genius hours and Trello software to answer tough questions.

Online Security Tips

How to create secure passwords, manage your email accounts, securely backup data, and more.

The 10 Principles of Good Web Design for Developers

Design basics for developers who do not have a designer around to say "no comic sans!"

What 3D Models Print Best?

When you create a three-dimensional model for printing, it's important to know what prints well and what does not.

Where Can I Find Local 3D Printing Services?

It's possible to print your 3D project the same way you print a flyer at the UPS store. Here are several options.

Find Summer Tech Camps

It's that time of year: time to start thinking of summer tech camps for 2015. Here are a few ideas where to begin looking.

Little Kids and Computer Science

Little kids and computer science might appear a odd match. Computer science sounds complex. But there is a curriculum for little kids.

How to Choose Great Toys

The best toy is one that is fun for your child and meets their needs. This article helps with ideas how to choose toys and where to find them.

Github Basics

Github is an important tool used by programmers to manage their code projects. Here are Github tutorials with links to learn more.

What is Computational Thinking?

While computers think in rigid predictable patterns, learning computational thinking helps us understand how and why computers work.

How to Use an Electronic Breadboard

Electronic breadboards are used to prototype electronic circuit designs and projects without messy solder or hot soldering irons.

Database Design

How you store and retrieve data in a relational or NoSQL database depends on how well you design the database structure.