LAUNCH and CS Detective

This summer two interesting books appeared, one teaches computer science concepts within a detective story, the other explores how teachers can use design thinking.

Coding and STEAM Tools

Board and card games organized by grade level, with links to more tools.

Makerspace Resources

Schools and public libraries are perfect places for people to have fun and learn as they make things

Design Thinking Resources

Creativity is innate in all people. Design thinking is a way to bring out and amplify this natural creativity.

Computer Science Unplugged Resources

Computer science unplugged teaches how computers and computer science works, without the use of computers.

So You Want to be a Coder?

A book about the daily life of many different programmers who do neat things with code.

Thymio Robots

A Swiss-made robot, Thymio robots work with drag and drop languages and text-based languages like JavaScript.

Questions to Ask Summer Tech Camps

The iDTech summer camp recently posted 102 questions. Here are a few with links to the full list.

Go, AlphaGo, and Artificial Intelligence

Learn the basics of Go plus neat math details about Go and AlphaGo, the computer that beat a human playing Go.

Coding for Kids Ages 5-8

Ideas for most young kids (and their families), from board games and more offline options to online games and apps.

Play Classic Video Games

There are several places to go online to play classic video games like Donkey Kong and Castlevania.

Digital DNA Sculpture

The history of an egg shaped outdoor sculpture made of electronic parts in Palo Alto, California.

Linux Operating Systems

Beyond Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX there are many Linux operating systems used by programmers daily and built as open source.

Coding Schools

Learn more than a language. Learn skills you need to use the language. Options to suit the way you learn best.

How to Manage Tasks and Projects

Learning how to make, track, and complete goals also helps with school projects and personal projects.

Video Games for 2015 Holidays

Disney Infinity 3.0, Rocket League, and Super Mario Maker are three fun video games to consider for the 2015 holiday season

Learning from Data

Data can become alive and pose questions as well as reveal answers to questions we have.


CoderDojo is a free after school club for kids ages 7-17 where kids, parents, mentors, and others play with technology and learn to code.

Coding Apps

You can learn a little software programming and have lots of fun with any number of coding apps available for your phone or tablet computer.

Operating Systems for Internet of Things

There are many operating systems for internet of things devices, from existing software used to control electronic boards to efforts by Google and Apple.

Programming Books

Working through a book can help parents learn programming with their kids or kids learn on their own.

Coding Board Games

Board games and card games are some of the best ways to learn about programming. You don't need a computer. Play as a family or group.

Girls in STEM

Facts, programs, and groups can help girls succeed at STEM careers.

Computer Science and Programming Resources

Resources based on teacher recommendations and other sources.

Visual Storytelling Apps

Visual storytelling apps are a great way for kids to document and explore their lives.

Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr.

Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr. helps schools and groups host one day hacking events for kids to work with local non-profit groups.

Teach Your Kids to Code

This book from No Starch Press helps parents teach their kids to code in Python. It's a fun way to spend time and learn about an easy to use language.

Learn Typography Online

Learn typography online and practice basic typography skills.

Help Build Applications Online

This website lets anyone practice their coding and design skills.

Two Books Teach Coding and Computer Science

One book teaches JavaScript in a fun way, the other computer science as fable.