CPX Reaction Game

Create a simple electronic game with CircuitPython and Adafruit, and test your reflexes against friends and family!

Tinkercad Circuits

A new online tool that lets you play around with virtual circuits.

Clap Controlled Night Light

A fun, DIY electronics project that’ll keep you from bumping around in the dark!

Cardboard Circuits

The craft world and the tech world collide in this fun, hands-on activity.

Test Your Nerves

Create an electronic obstacle course and test the steadiness of your hands as you navigate through.

Rock Paper Scissors

An old classic with a electronic twist, featuring JavaScript and micro:bit.


Two small projects introducing you to Edublocks, a language that bridges the gap between Scratch and Python.

Sith Detector

Use micro:bit and cardboard to create a Jedi knight that sounds the alarm when evil approaches!

DIY Echo Home Speaker

Build your own voice-controlled digital assistant with a Raspberry Pi and an analog speaker.

Laser Burglar Alarm

Protect your home with micro:bit!

Hack Your Own Operation Game

Create a new and improved variation of the classic 1960s board game with micro:bit.

See the Light!

Create illuminating art with micro:bit