Fun with NFC Tags

With the summer coming to an end, why not cap it off with a NFC enabled adventure?

Scratch Shape Generator

Combine your love for math and art with Scratch!

Code to the Beat with Sonic Pi

Become a coding musician with Sonic Pi!

Control an Arduino using Scratch

It's project time! In this article we go over how the same processes used in big factories can be used to control a simple LED.

Internet of Things and Power

How do you power devices at the top of mountains and the bottom of oceans? Let's find out!

CPX Reaction Game

Create a simple electronic game with CircuitPython and Adafruit, and test your reflexes against friends and family!

Tinkercad Circuits

A new online tool that lets you play around with virtual circuits.

Clap Controlled Night Light

A fun, DIY electronics project that’ll keep you from bumping around in the dark!

Cardboard Circuits

The craft world and the tech world collide in this fun, hands-on activity.

Test Your Nerves

Create an electronic obstacle course and test the steadiness of your hands as you navigate through.

Rock Paper Scissors

An old classic with a electronic twist, featuring JavaScript and micro:bit.


Two small projects introducing you to Edublocks, a language that bridges the gap between Scratch and Python.

Sith Detector

Use micro:bit and cardboard to create a Jedi knight that sounds the alarm when evil approaches!

Laser Burglar Alarm

Protect your home with micro:bit!

DIY Echo Home Speaker

Build your own voice-controlled digital assistant with a Raspberry Pi and an analog speaker.

Hack Your Own Operation Game

Create a new and improved variation of the classic 1960s board game with micro:bit.

See the Light!

Create illuminating art with micro:bit