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REST is a standard way for software applications to work with each other to do things.

While rest is something you do when you’re tired, throwing yourself into a comfy chair or crawling into your bed at night, REST means REpresentational State Transfer. It’s a way for software applications to work with each other, passing data and acting on data, with high performance and ease of maintenance.

For example, a website application could retrieve the last 20 customers who signed up in another website application.

Using REST, these applications can remember important details about how they work together and where they are in their process. How and where describe the state of the website applications, the State or S part of REST, while the T or Transfer part of REST describes the fact two or more applications can exchange or transfer data with each other using this method.

The RE for REpresentational is maybe the difficult part to explain about REST.

First, REST is a set of ideas about the ideal way to design software that talks to other software over the web using HTTP and URI protocols. If you don’t know, HTTP and URI are fancy words for the main way you use a web browser to call up web pages. Look near the top of your web browser and you’ll see http or https followed by the human readable address for a website page, for example,


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