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Triangle Generator

Milestoned on Flickr

A simple coding activity to create triangles in all shapes and sizes.

There’s something oddly satisfying about printing out cool patterns in the console. Today, let’s tackle triangles made of stars, Python-style!


Open up a browser and navigate to

It’s a bit annoying to type in the full address, but if you go straight to the website’s main page ( they’ll ask you to create an account or log in with Google or Facebook. This is also an option, especially if you want to save your work.

On your left you’ll see your editor, where you write your code. On your right is your console, which displays the result of the code.

To display a single star, add the following line to the editor and then hit the “Run” button (the green rectangle with a tiny triangle) at the top of the screen.


Make sure you have an opening and closing bracket, and that your asterisk is surrounded by quotation marks.


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