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On Sorting

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Have you ever put books in alphabetical order? What do you think the best method of alphabetizing would be?

Would you leave the books on the shelf and just move them one a time? Would you first put them in stacks of A’s, B’s, etc. and then sort the stacks? Maybe you’d start by picking a book and first dividing the shelf into all the books that would come before it and all the books that would come after it.

Alphabetizing is an example of a type of sorting. Sorting is when you take a number of things and put them in order. You could be sorting by date and time, by name, by author name, by size, or any notion of ordering that says “this should come before that”.

Sorting is a deeply explored topic in computer science. Computer scientists care about sorting for the same reason a bookstore cares about alphabetizing its shelves: it makes finding things much easier.

One of the simplest and most intuitive ways of sorting is called the bubble sort. You may have discovered this just by trying to put things in order!

It works like this: start from the left hand side of the list of items, until you reach the end for each element, compare it to the element to its right. If the element on the left is bigger, swap them. If the element to the right is bigger, leave them alone. Repeat with all the elements until the list is in order.

Here is a bubble sort shown as a Python algorithm that sorts a list of numbers:


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