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November 2014 News Wire

Brett Seymour, ARGO for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for October 2014. More stories can be found at the News Wire link at the top of every page of this site.

The End of Apps as We Know Them

Divers Excavate Greek Shipwreck Dubbed "Ancient Titanic"

The Artist of the Unbreakable Code

Smart People Prefer Curly Fries, And Other Insights Gleaned from Analyzing Your Social Media Accounts

Snowflake-shaped Networks are Easiest to Mend

How the Cerebellum’s Rapid Growth Helped Make Technology Possible

Twitter Data Mining Reveals America’s Religious Fault Lines

ChooseMyPC Generates a Sample PC Build in Your Budget

3D Printing in Space Challenge: What Will You 3D Print in Space?

First Selfies, Now Shapies? Scanning Booths Capture the Moment in 3-D

The One App You Need On Your Résumé If You Want A Job At Google

Women in computing: the 60s Pioneers Who Lit Up the World of Coding

Also In The November 2014 Issue

Andrew Mills Talks about Bits & Bytes and How to Design Games

Andrew created Bits & Bytes, a fun card game to teach kids computing skills: logic, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Tim Kropp Talks About Creating Games for Kids

Tim describes how he created his game company, Glide Games, and with his young son created two video games, Elevator Adventures and Subway Adventures.

Lo Shu Magic Squares Puzzle

A 4,000 year old Chinese magic squares puzzle is both fun and a way to learn basic problem solving skills. Plus turtles.

History of Video Games

Can you name the first video game? The first game likely was Tennis for Two in 1958 but it could be Space Wars! in 1962 or other games. It's complicated.

Playing Harvest Moon in Japanese

The story of an English-speaking person learning a little Japanese by playing the latest Harvest Moon game, Connect to a New World, in original Japanese.

Wendy Norman and Skype in the classroom

Wendy Norman, the Director of Social Good at Microsoft, talks about the history and features of the Skype in the classroom service for teachers.

Game Play

You can use the concepts of game play to turn almost any task or information into a game. Assuming you can define game play.

Maker Faire NY 2014

The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth turned out to be tons of fun for kids and parents, plus a place to wander and find new technology. Links and video.

We need storytelling. Otherwise, life just goes on and on like the number Pi.

October 2014 Learn More Links

Links from the bottom of all the October 2014 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.


This language lets you modify the Skyrim game to learn game coding plus have fun adding objects and functionality to the game.

October 2014 News Wire

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for the month of September 2014.

Unity, PyGame, GamePress

Three game creation software tools you can use to create games. Includes a brief description and lots of links to these and other game creation tools.