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Flexibility is the most interesting quality of the Nim programming language.

It can be used for scripting, games, compilers, operating systems, and scientific computing. For example, you can use Nim to write your own operators, macros, and templates.

The language also provides a range of programming approaches, from imperative to object oriented to functional to metaprogramming (where a program can manipulate another program).

Where Rust, another recent language, is designed to replace C and C++ by addressing their shortcomings, Nim’s ambitions are to replace C, C++, and Lua. You also might add Python which is often used in scientific computing.

The language is designed to be efficient, elegant, and highly expressive.

What Makes Nim Special?

Nim is a relatively new language created by Andreas Rumpf and released in 2008. It was originally called Nimrod. Rumpf created the language in response to existing languages which required large virtual machines to ship with code, were too dynamic, and compiled their code at run time.


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