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News Wire Stories for December/January

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Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for the month of November 2013. More stories can be found at the News Wire link at the top of every page of this site.

Advanced Mathematics With Legos In A Washing Machine

Watch: Mobile Recycling Center Turns Soda Cans Into Trendy Stools

The Myth of “I Can’t Code”

10 Ingenious Bike Hacks

The New Lifecycle of Your Old iPhone

Early Technologies That Were Supposed to Disrupt Education

NSA Infected 50,000 Computer Networks with Malicious Software

Own a Street-Legal Flamethrowing Batmobile Replica for Just $200K

If you’re in New York City this holiday season, apparently their store has a hovercraft, submarine, and robot exhibit. The Batmobile is catalog-only.

The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath

Can Facial Recognition Really Tell If a Kid Is Learning in Class?

How an Epic Blunder by Adobe Could Strengthen Hand of Password Crackers

Fridaygram: Connected Classrooms, Migrating Pronghorns, New Helpouts

Your Tweets Can Predict When You'll Get the Flu

Dear President Obama, We Need Title IX for Funding Women's Startups

Four Years of Go

The Go programming language, featured in the current December/January issue, turned four on November 10th!

Also In The December 2013 Issue

An Interview with Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a software architect and Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) focusing on security concepts and process improvement in a Fortune 50 company. He's based in Australia.

1Password, LastPass, RoboForm

If you use a password you created that is less than eight characters, your password is vulnerable to hacking. Here are three ways to create and use secure passwords online.

How to Write Secure Code

Coding securely doesn't have to kill the joy of programming. In fact, learning how to code securely provides insights into languages and computing.

How to Code HTML Email

How to code an HTML email like the ones you open every day turns out to be an offbeat software coding challenge.

What is an SSL Certificate?

How to tell if a web page is secure is one of the most basic yet least obvious ways to protect your data online.

Where to Find Command Line Interface Software

One key computing skill is the ability to use command line interface (CLI) software to enter commands to control a computer. Here are some options.


Lua is a comparatively simple programming language used in a wide range of places, from digital TVs to video games to phone applications. It's also designed to be simple to use and lightweight.


Here is how three programming languages handle a common problem: how do you organize and keep track of useful data?

Linux Command List for Command Line Interfaces

Some of the most common commands you'll need for a command line interface (CLI), in a Linux command list.

Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.

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