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More Fun with Raspberry Pi

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Here are some videos, and links to even more videos, to learn how to use your Raspberry Pi and have all kinds of fun with Pi projects.

The Raspberry Pi computer board can be adapted to any number of projects. Here are a few videos to show you some of the flexibility and fun possible with Pi. Note that you may need to stop a video to get URLs, or replay a section to understand what the person says. These are only a few of the videos available on the internet. There’s more at YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites, some of which are linked at the bottom of this article.

Working with Python on Pi

A simple tutorial how and where to use Python to code with your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Dog Treat Machine with webcam! Send an email, he gets a treat!

Seems kind of cruel but it’s a nice looking dog.

The Voice Controlled Coffee Machine

Use your phone to start your coffee. Uses Java, the software, to make java, the coffee. This is a short demo so there’s not a lot of detail how they did the job. But it should not be hard to figure out, either.

Build a Retro Computer: The Raspberry Pi!

A more advanced project, with some key bits left out (how do you laser a keyboard?) and other stuff assumed you know (GPIO, the relationship between volts and amps). However, it does give an excellent overview of what is possible with Pis and how they relate to older computer projects.

University of Southampton Builds a Supercomputer with 64 Raspberry Pi

Plus Legos! A very cool overview with some ideas how to control all those Pis.

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Teaching Cassandra Cluster Setups with the Raspberry Pi

“The Cassandra database is designed so that large clusters of systems can hold massive amounts of data. So why is a University of Dundee lecturer running it on the tiny $25 ARM-based Raspberry Pi?” Good question. Great answer.

Simple Raspberry Pi Shutdown Button

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