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Links from the bottom of all the December 2013/January 2014 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Where to Recycle Electronics





Needs to have a Target Mobile store if you trade in a store, online otherwise.

Best Buy Recycling

Staples Recycling

Consumer Reports Articles on Recycling Electronics

Dell Computer Recycling

Toshiba Recycling

Apple Recycling

Amazon Trade-In Program

Gazelle Trade-In Program

Basel Action Network

Eraser (Windows)

US Government Resources

What Happens to Your Electronics When You Drop Them Off for Recycling

Electronic Waste: Where Does It Go and What Happens to It?

How to Do Online Research

Online Research Techniques

Become an Expert Google Searcher in One Hour

A free online seminar from O’Reilly by Stephan Spencer and Nancy Blachman.

Google Guide

Search Engines

Online Research Course Material

Tools for Online Research

How to Make (and Keep) New Years Resolutions

Adventure Journal: Make Plans Not Resolutions

New Yorker: New Skills for a New Year

Improvised Life: How to Do More in Less Time

Improvised Life: We Test Drive the Pomodoro Time Management Technique

Business Week: How to Keep New Years Resolutions

Wall Street Journal: Resolutions: So Irresistible, So Hard to Keep

Matador Network: How to Map 2013 to be the Biggest Year of Your Life

The Hungry Camel

Camel at the top of Cribyn, WaterAid Corbett Challenge

What is a High Level Language?

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Comments in Programming Languages

Comparison of Programming Language Syntax

Take Out the Garbage

Definition of Memory Management

Definition of Memory Leak

Definition of Garbage Collection

Is Memory Management in Programming Becoming an Irrelevant Concern?

The Garbage Collection Page (Richard Jones)

GC-LIST Garbage Collection FAQ




Go at Google: Language Design in the Service of Software Engineering

An Overview of the Go Programming Language in Five Examples

“My favorite programming language:” Google’s Go has some coders raving

Go: A Nice Language with an Annoying Personality

Go Search Engine

Go Projects on Github

Gorilla Web Toolkit

Revel Framework

Renee French

Ravin Rabbids

People: Siblings Pete and Alexa Ingram-Cauchi Talk about iD Tech and Tech Summer Camps


Help Kids Code Resources: Technology Summer Camps

People: Boone Gorges


CUNY Academic Commons


Commons in a Box (CBOX)

CBOX takes the complexity out of creating a Commons site, helping organizations create an online space where their members can discuss issues, collaborate on projects, and share their work.


Real time collaboration for WordPress.


Use the power of WordPress to transform online content into an electronic book.

That Camp

bin, boot, opt, and other Linux File System Hierarchy Mysteries

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Off Beat: How to Translate Gobbledygook to English

The WordPress Email/Post


Unit Tests

WordPress and Subversion

WordPress and Github

Last Words: Imposters and Kids Who Can’t Code

The Myth of ‘I Can’t Code’

Language of the Month: Go

Help Kids Code News Wire

Also In The December 2013 Issue

An Interview with Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a software architect and Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) focusing on security concepts and process improvement in a Fortune 50 company. He's based in Australia.

1Password, LastPass, RoboForm

If you use a password you created that is less than eight characters, your password is vulnerable to hacking. Here are three ways to create and use secure passwords online.

How to Write Secure Code

Coding securely doesn't have to kill the joy of programming. In fact, learning how to code securely provides insights into languages and computing.

How to Code HTML Email

How to code an HTML email like the ones you open every day turns out to be an offbeat software coding challenge.

What is an SSL Certificate?

How to tell if a web page is secure is one of the most basic yet least obvious ways to protect your data online.

Where to Find Command Line Interface Software

One key computing skill is the ability to use command line interface (CLI) software to enter commands to control a computer. Here are some options.


Lua is a comparatively simple programming language used in a wide range of places, from digital TVs to video games to phone applications. It's also designed to be simple to use and lightweight.


Here is how three programming languages handle a common problem: how do you organize and keep track of useful data?

Linux Command List for Command Line Interfaces

Some of the most common commands you'll need for a command line interface (CLI), in a Linux command list.

Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.

News Wire Stories for October 2013

Must read stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for September 2013.

Learn More Links for October 2013

Links from the bottom of all the October 2013 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.