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June 2015 News Wire

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News and project stories about kids, coding, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives.

How to Build a 20-Foot Functional Geodesic Dome Out of PVC

Build Your Own Apple II Lookalike Watch

Astronomers Have Seen the Enemy and It Is Robotic Lawnmowers

Onion Omega Brings Web Smarts To IoT Hardware Hacking

Laser Chip Could Turn Smartphones Into Handheld 3D Scanners

Tiny Sensor Package Will Let Students Design Their Own Physics Experiments

SXSW 2015: These Undulating, 3D-Printed Clothes Are Pretty Amazing

Rags to riches to rags: The rise and fall of Internet Explorer

The Latest in Microcontrollers: 11 Cutting-Edge Boards That Are Driving Diversity

Death to C (and C++)

The Anti-Drone Business Is About to Take Off

How To Install Windows 10 IoT On Your Raspberry Pi 2

Hamburger icon: How these three lines mystify most people

3-D Printers Bring Historic Instruments Back To The Future

Google’s Dart language on Android aims for Java-free, 120 FPS apps

How Math Explains Why You Always Lose at Tetris

This Calculator Helps You Crack Any Master Combination Lock in 8 Tries

Big Data ? Big Wisdom: Mismanaging 21st Century Problems with 19th Century Thinking

Watch A Tiny Origami Robot Crawl, Climb, Swim, and Dissolve

A Folding Drone So Tiny It Can Fit Right In Your Pocket

An Almost Reliable, High Precision, 3D Printer: Son of MegaMax (SoM)

One year on, Google Cardboard is bigger and better than ever

The Ford GT Has More Lines Of Code Than A Boeing Passenger Jet

The female mathematician who changed the course of physics—but couldn’t get a job

OldSF and OldNYC: Historical Photos Plotted on Maps

Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS

Disney will expand its MagicBands technology, explores use of other wearables

The Digital Language Divide

Texts From Teens Build Real-Time Maps of Crisis in America

Simple Raspberry Pi Shutdown Button

Ditch The Pinewood Derby In Favor Of A DIY Wooden Gokart Your Kid Can Drive

The Interesting Gaming Habits of Teenage Girls

Also In The June 2015 Issue

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

This book helps average non-technical people free themselves from mundane computer tasks.

Solar Cockroaches, Water Rockets, and Pinhole Eyeglasses

Here are a few of the many fun summer projects at website.

Bitsbox: Monthly Coding Projects in the Mail

Every month the Bitsbox service delivers a colorful booklet full of fun coding projects for kids to do then share with friends and family.

Simple and Fun 3D Models to Print

Here are a number of simple and fun 3D models to print.

FUZE Computer Teaches Kids to Code

The FUZE computer is a 1980s computer design with the brain of a modern Raspberry Pi. It's ideal for teaching kids to code plus build electronics projects.

An Interview with Paul Chayka

Paul Chayka talks about Robotics And Beyond, an after school tech program that teaches coding, robotics, circuit design, and much more.

Teach Your Kids to Code

Learning Python is a fun way to spend time and learn programming together.

Kano Computers

The Kano computer is a Raspberry Pi computer with a spiffy installation process (and user manual) and a carefully thought out online experience.

Functions and Procedures

An introduction to programming functions and procedures using pen and paper instead of code. Includes lots of examples and exercises.


Ruby is a highly flexible programming language used in many large scale online applications at Twitter, Kickstarter, and other companies.

June 2015 Learn More Links

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Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

June 2015 News Wire

News and project stories about kids, coding, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives.

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