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June 2014 Learn More Links

NottinghamGameCity on Flickr

Links from the bottom of all the June/July 2014 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

An ASCII Art Project

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Raspberry Pi Projects

Where to Buy a Pi

How to Install Raspberry Pi

Minecraft on Raspberry Pi

How To Setup Minecraft On The Raspberry Pi

Includes screen shots, how to create a desktop icon on your Pi, and comments include solutions to save your Minecraft world. Be sure to read the comments to find issues and workarounds.

How to Setup a Minecraft Server

Programming Minecraft

How To Capture Minecraft Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi

Remote Control Your Pi (Look, No Monitor for Pi)

Connect to Your Raspberry Pi with SSH

The One-Button Audio Book Player

Doesn’t require advanced skills. Do read the comments, however, for links and tips.

Wolfram Language for Kids

Coffee Table Pi

Make Your Garage Door Email, Tweet, or SMS

How to Rename Your Pi

Build a Raspberry Pi Case with Legos

More and More and More Raspberry Pi Projects

Where to Get Help with Raspberry Pi

Simple Raspberry Pi Shutdown Button

Computational Thinking Projects

What is Computational Thinking?

Exploring Computational Thinking (Google)

Describe an Everyday Object

Search US Patents Online

Multiplying by Numbers Between 0 and 1

Scientific Method

Computer Science Unplugged Projects

Computer Science (CS) Unplugged

CS Unplugged Book (Teachers Edition)

Includes all the exercises and context to help anyone learn.

Count the Dots (Binary Numbers)

The Orange Game (Routing and Deadlock)

Santa’s Dirty Socks

Kid Krypto

20 Guesses

Create a WordPress Website

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Lego Mindstorms


Robot Turtles Adventure Quest

Logo Programming Language


Codea (iTunes)

Codea Resources

Codea Tutorials

Patrick Coxsall Codea Tutorials (YouTube)

David Such Codea Tutorials

Ignatz Codea Tutorials

Ignatz Board Game Tutorial

A high level description of coding FloodIt using Codea, with code from Pastebin and Github.

Lua Resources

Github Tutorials

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Alice Tutorials

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Summer Tech Camps and Local Tech Groups

Summer Technology Camps List

Black Girls Code

Girls Who Code


Code Club

Currently 2000+ UK after school groups to teach coding to kids.

Little Miss Geek


Meetup (Hacking tag)

How to Build a Guitar

History of Cigar Box Guitars

How to Build an Uncle Enos Banjo

The Canjo for $39.99

Plastic Container Guitar (Artists Helping Children)

Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitars

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Codea is an app designed to make it easy to create games and software. Here are tutorials and links to online resources.

Raspberry Pi Projects

Here's a quick introduction to Raspberry Pi, how to find one, get set up, and then do all sorts of neat projects. With links for each step.

Summer Tech Camps and Local Groups

Summer is a great time to get outdoors, learn technology, and meet people in summer tech camps and local tech groups.

Github Basics

Github is an important tool used by programmers to manage their code projects. Here are Github tutorials with links to learn more.

Create ASCII Art

It's fun and easy to create ASCII art with your computer keyboard, a text editor, and your imagination. Here are ideas to get started.

If you’re not failing 90% of the time, then you’re probably not working on sufficiently challenging problems.

June 2014 Learn More Links

Links from the bottom of all the June/July 2014 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

June 2014 News Wire

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for the months of June/July 2014.


Mindstorms, Sphero, and Robot Turtles engage kids (and families) in playing while also teaching computer science and programming.

Describe an Object, Multiplying Numbers

Computational thinking projects help you to solve problems in ways used to create software, as well as problems in real life.

Count Dots, The Orange Game, Santa’s Dirty Socks

These hands on projects teach computer science concepts without a computer. Plus links to many more projects.