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It’s not as simple as it seems. Can you solve this classic programming problem?

Your challenge is to print out a list of numbers from 1 to 100. Every number divisible by 3 must be replaced by the word ‘fizz’, and every number divisible by 5 is replaced by ‘buzz’. If the number is divisible by both 3 and 5, then replace it with ‘fizzbuzz’.

It’s a simple problem with many solutions, from the quick and easy to the complex and elegant. In computer geek circles, ‘FizzBuzz’ is a classic puzzle that pops up time and time again. Companies even ask it to candidates during coding interviews!

Take a moment and think about how you’d approach the code. What hurdles could you hit? What coding structures can you pull out of your arsenal?


The piece of code that makes things simple is the modulus operator, which you write as “%” and say out loud as “mod”. It’s a mathematical operator, like +, -, or *, and it tells us how much is leftover after a division.

Remember how we did divisions before learning about decimal numbers? So if:

15 / 6 == 2 (with a of remainder 3)
15 % 6 == 3


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