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Herman Turnip on Flickr

Code Your Legos

The Lego Mindstorms Discovery Book

The Art of Lego Mindstorms EV3 Programming

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Idea Book

Collection of online video tutorials

Build a Programming Language, Part III

Type coercion in JavaScript

How type coercion gets weird

Goedel Numberings

Beej’s Guide to C Programming

Arrays in C

Pointers in C

The book on C Programming

A novice friendly book on Common Lisp

Rubber Duck Debugging

Rubber duck debugging

Why Rubber Duck Debugging is the best way to debug your code

The Rubber Duck Story

Rubber Duck Problem Solving

Ask the Duck

How a Rubber Duck Taught Me to Be a Better Programmer

Click and Say ‘Om’!

CSS / HTML Introduction

History of Web Design

Visit a Reproduction of the First Website

Web Browser History

History of Game Controllers

A detailed history of video game controllers:

Demonstration of PDP-1 and Spacewar

Demonstration of Pong

Python Guess the Number Game

Binary Search from Khan Academy

Binary Search (simple)

Binary Search (techncial)

Scan the World

About Scan the World

3D Models of Eastern Island Heads

Rail Fence Cipher

Rail Fence Ciphers

Transposition Ciphers

Rail Fence Cipher Auto-Decoder

Scratch Multimodal Games

Scratch example for changing scenes

Scratch example for a simple platformer

Scratch example of an arcade shooter

Using sensing blocks instead of events to handle multiple key presses

Geometry Wars, a twin stick shooter

Ideas for games in Scratch

Shoot’em ups


Woof.js Framework

The Nether and the End

Surviving in the Nether

Information of Blazes

Information on Enderman

Ender Dragon Strategies

10 FREE Web Developer Tools

Link Sleuth

HT Track



Telerik converter

Built with

Can I use




Kotlin: A New(-ish) Kid on the Block

Explanations from the Kotlin team

A description of different languages that compile to the JVM

The Kotlin Koans, an online tutorial

The IntelliJ IDE

Essay about Kotlin from an engineer at Pinterest

Kotlin example code

Create a Box with Round Edges

SketchUp ‘Getting Started’ Video

Self-Paced Tutorials

SketchUp 3D for Beginners

SketchUp Christmas Tree

It’s YOUR Write!

The Photopia entry on the Interactive Fiction Database

Ren’Py homepage

Main Twine site

Dan Cox video tutorials

Vegetarian Zombie tutorials

Offical Twine guides

Official Harlowe 2 documenation

Twine game samples

Inventory systems in Twine

MicroPython Introduction Tutorial

See the Light!

What are NeoPixel LEDs?

More about the BBC micro:bit

Also In The December 2017 Issue

Building and creating your tools with the Minecraft toolbox helps you survive the game.

Sensors give robots the senses humans have.

30+ ideas for all age holiday gifts, from books to apps to board games to VR and more.

There might be a reason that too-real robot and video game character creeps you out.

This programming language uses colors instead of text and punctuation to add and perform other tasks.

Knowing how passwords are cracked can help you create better passwords.

There are a number of strategies teachers (plus parents and students) can take to learn programming.

This project uses conductive thread to create a glove to activates your phone.

Software programming does neat things with language, in this case, mixing capital letters.

This Scratch game has lots of ways you can customize the game play. No cats were harmed in the making of this article either.

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