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CRUD is a powerful concept used everywhere in software programming that uses a database.

CRUD is not a a league of super heroes or super villains. Instead, CRUD is an acronym for the four basic database-related functions programmers encounter as they create software.

Each letter in CRUD refers to tasks performed with databases:

  • Create or add data
  • Retrieve data
  • Update data
  • Delete data

This acronym likely was created in the 1980s to describe database functionality used by SQL (structured query language) databases. Each letter maps to an SQL operation: INSERT (create), SELECT (retrieve), UPDATE (update), and DELETE (delete). However, these operations also apply to non-SQL databases, for example, MongoDB and BigTable.

How CRUD Works

In practical terms, you likely would have functions or methods to create a data record in the database, retrieve the data record, update a specific data record (usually with the unique ID of the record), and delete a data record (also using the unique ID of the record).


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CRUD is a powerful concept used everywhere in software programming that uses a database.

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