Rail Fence Cipher

Steph Leung on Flickr

A simple zigzag pattern can scramble your messages beyond recognition.

In the last two issues, we’ve been exploring ciphers that use simple substitution. The first swapped letters of the alphabet around, which the second used ‘pigpens’ to designate each letter then used them to deliver an encrypted code. This issue, we’re going to be looking at a code that doesn’t simply replace letters with other symbols!

This is the case for the Rail Fence Cipher, a very interesting way of delivering messages. We’ll still be sending normal-looking letters as our message, but it’ll be so scrambled up that anyone who doesn’t know the code won’t know what it says. Even better, unlike simple substitution, it’s not just regular letters interchanged with other ones, meaning it’s a little trickier to crack!

So, let’s explore how you make a more complicated code with the Rail Fence Cipher. To start with, think of a message you want to send. For this example, we want to send the message “HELLO WORLD”.

Then, decide on the amount of ‘rails’ you want to use. For this example, and a good starting point in general, we’re going to use three rails. However many rails you choose, draw them out like this:


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