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Code reviews help programmers improve their code and learn more about the software they build.

A code review is the process of examining a peer’s code to see they have adhered to the coding guidelines for the group or organisation they belong to. Constructive feedback will help the person who wrote the code learn how to improve.

What does it mean to refactor the code?

When writing code, you usually write enough to get it working, then once it works, you look for ways to split up the code into separate methods and classes. This is called refactoring.

When refactoring code, you are looking for things like duplicate code, where the same lines of code are used multiple times. You can put this code in a separate method and have the original code call the new method from each of the places where it was before. Now if you need to change the code which runs in this new method, you only have to change it in one place rather than in all of the places where it appeared before.


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