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Code Golf

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Problems software programmers can do to practice their skills, from beginner to advanced.

Learning to code is only one of several key steps to become a good coder. Learning how to debug or fix code is another key step. A less obvious skill is the ability to code efficiently.

And efficiently doesn’t mean the basics: commenting your code when needed and reducing the number of steps and functions wherever possible. Efficient coding also includes spending time to find ways to do things with much less code than the average programmer might realize.

I recall seeing the PHP code files for pMachine, a content management system and blogging tool, when the code was refactored into object oriented code. The sparseness of the code was like looking at a cathedral. Every bit was simple, obvious, and tight with lots of clean white space. There were no tall heavy chunks of code. Opening every file showed the same clean and carefully thought out code.

The ability to achieve this effect in your code takes lots of time and hard work. Probably you also have to think in ways useful to coding, for example, in terms of cause and effect.

How do you learn to be an efficient coder?

What is Code Golf?

Code golf is a fun way to gain some insights into how to write truly efficient code. As with golf, where the fewer strokes you have the better your score, with code golf the less lines and characters of code in your program the better your score.

Code golf is a series of programming challenges that require coders to be efficient. You write a program to solve the challenge. You also see the results of other coders, learn from their efforts, and improve your skills. It’s a fun way to participate with a community of programmers.


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