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If clouds are not digital, what is cloud computing?

The internet is magic: turn on your phone or other computer and connect with anyone anywhere in the world, find answers to most questions, and read the news.

You might hear people talk about the cloud as part of computing. What could that mean? Clouds aren’t digital.
On the internet, the cloud is a set of computers dedicated to provide data and services. It’s a fancy word, in a way, for a collection of buildings around the world that host these dedicated computers.

When you call up a web page or open an app on your phone, the internet routes your request for data to the appropriate set of computers, or cloud, for a response. One computer cannnot handle the traffic but computers connected together to share the workload can manage millions of requests every second, hour, and day.

The cloud makes it easy to provide lots of computing power with minimal fuss setting up computers and handling traffic.


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