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A collection of bot makers and professor types attend an online bot convention to talk about Twitter bots and more.

There are many fun and thought provoking Twitter bots. How do you find them? Where do you begin to understand these bots, how they work, what their creators intended, and other details? A bot maker, Darius Kazemi, hosted an online conference in late November 2013 with people interested in bots. Here’s the video of the full conference. The IRC chat log is linked below. And I’ve dug out links for each of the participants so you can explore further.

Bot Summit: November 23, 2013>

Adam Parrish on @everyword (18:00)

Tully Hansen on Bot Taxonomy (58:00)

Leonardo Flores on I ♥ E-Poetry Bot Resource (1:30)

Matt Schneider on Tools and Deployment (1:43)

Darius Kazemi on Ethics of Bot-Making (2:15)

Ben Abraham on False Flag Bot (2:35)

Rob Dubbin on Ed Taters Bot (2:45)

Leonard Richardson on Real Human Praise Bot (2:49)

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