Big News and Changes in August!


You’re reading a magazine that is both old and new. We’ve published since August 2013 (online) and February 2015 (print) but this issue marks a really important milestone for the magazine.

And, no, it’s not going from the world’s longest magazine title name — Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine — to possibly the world’s shortest — beanz.

The milestone is that we have enough readers to hire a real life magazine designer to take all the fun stuff we write and turn it into a neat experience to read and hold in your hands. Here’s an example of what is in the upcoming August issue:

The new beanz magazine will have recurring sections about Scratch, Minecraft, Secret Codes, Making (3D printing, sewing), Electronics, and more. The magazine will still be about kids, coding, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives. Plus sometimes quirky fun.

When the magazine started, it was me doing everything. I wanted a place (and an excuse) to research and write about computer science and programming topics that interested me and, hopefully, other readers. Writing for younger readers is a bonus, a great way to force myself to write clearly and focus on the amusing and amazing bits. Since then, we’ve added writers and, with our next issue, a designer.

Like me, our first real life designer is amused by small visual things like birds that pop up different places. And fonts. And colors. She also likes to learn, as I do and assume you do, as well. Hopefully, the new magazine design and title will be something you enjoy having around, a neat way to explore often hidden parts of the world.

The online magazine’s look will remain mostly the same, however, with navigation at the top, stories in the middle of the page, and links towards the bottom. Content will be organized into the new sections. However, still no advertising or links to distract and annoy you. We’re lucky to be supported solely by our readers and want to keep them happy.

And, if you’re wondering, we originally wanted to use the name bitz but there were business, search optimization, and URL issues that led us to a better name, beanz. And, if you don’t know, in software programming beans are small bits of code people put together to build applications, like the way we use words and images to create articles and a magazine.

Please feel free to email me with any ideas or concerns as we migrate from our old name to new name, beanz. You can always reach us with our contact form. And, as always, thank you for reading and for your support!

Tim Slavin
Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine (soon beanz!)