What’s a Day Zero Virus?

Learn what your antivirus software does, and why it’s important to keep it updated.

How do Driverless Cars See?

Driverless cars could mean less traffic and less accidents, but their developers have some challenges to solve.

Games before CD and HDMI

A long time ago, before the internet, games were stored on cassette tapes — just like music! Well, Sort of.

What’s Behind Bluetooth’s Funny Name?

A wacky story about connectivity, Danish kings, and the need for good dentists.

What was Deep Blue?

The first time AI beat humans at their own game.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

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History of Video Games

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How do Biometric Scans Work?

Keep your passwords at the tip of your fingers, or maybe at the back of your eyes!

How do Multiplayer Games Really Work?

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STEAM Board Games

Grad your friends & disconnect from the digital world with these fun science & tech board games.

Create a Basic Substitution Cipher Code

A substitution cipher is an easy way to begin learning about how to use and make secrete codes.

Using Google Static Maps API

This project explores the basics of using Google's Static Map software to display your own maps.

Code Hangman Game in C#

Learn how to code the hangman game in C#. Includes link to full code.

Software that Teaches Itself

Smart software design makes it easy for you to learn how to use it without help.

How to Design an Efficient User Interface

The user interface often determines whether or not people can easily use your software.

How to Erase Your Hard Drive

Deleting files on your computer doesn't make them disappear.

Has Your Password Been Stolen?

There's a way to find out if your online passwords have been stolen, and how to prevent it.