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Taylor Studios on Flickr

Llama Emoji

Articles about new emoji

Proposal for the llama emoji

Llama emoji entry on Emojipedia

Unicode Adopt-a-Character

Unicode submission form for new emojis

Portland HOP

RFID technology

Smart cards in general

The major company that worked with TriMet

An article about local activists who are worried that the HOP card might hurt low income riders

Autonomous Driving in Today’s Cars

Land Departure

Parking Assist

Self-Parking Ford


Articles about robofrog

Video of robofrog

New York Times article about frogs’ songs

Article from Discover Magazine: “4 Robots that are Saving the World

Regex Game

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Regex Crossword, a crossword puzzle with regular expressions

The regular expression game

Article about the importance of Regular Expressions

Video tutorial about regular expressions

Sphero in Literature Class

Richard Perry’s youtube channel

Robotics in English Class

Sphero in the Classroom

Pygame (or Godot)

Clarissa’s PyGame Tutorials

The main PyGame website

The PyGame documentation

A free online book that teaches Python and PyGame

Forum discussion about developing Unity of Command in Python

A library to make OpenGL usable and easy in Python

How to Solve Rubik’s Cube

Online Rubik’s Cube

How to Solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube by Noah Richardson (Video)

Rubik’s Cube 3×3 Storytelling Method by Josh Neufeld (Video)

Rubik’s Cube Beginner’s Guide (with pictures)

5 Simple Moves to Easily solve the Rubik’s Cube — 15 Video Tutorial

How big is 43 quintillion?

Rubik’s Cube World Records

Google Expeditions

Official Google Expeditions ads

How-to video about leading expeditions with students

Stereoscopic vision

Make your own google cardboard headset

Review of Google Expeditions

Google talks about virtual reality and education

Navajo Code Talkers

Wikipedia: Code Talker

National Museum of the American Indian — Code Talking “Navajo Code Talkers and the Unbreakable Code”

Navajo People: Navajo Code Talker (with Video interviews with actual Code Talkers!)

National Archives: “Semper Fidelis, Code Talkers”

Scratch Boids and AI

The original boids paper,%20Herds,%20and%20Schools%20A%20Distributed%20Behavioral%20Model.htm

The presentation of boids from the article

A cool explanation of vector operations

Clarissa’s implementation of boids

Try playing with the parameters!

Awesome Summer Camps to Consider

Girls Who Code

Engineering for Kids

JoAnn Fabrics Sewing Camps

SWENext Clubs Camps

Finding summer camps

101 questions to ask when finding a summer camp

Technology summer camps

Minecraft Modding

How to install Minecraft Mods

Twenty best Minecraft Mods

Coding Minecraft Mods

Clojure (or Common Lisp)

ClojureScript differences

Clojure homepage

Clojure Koans

Getting started writing games in Clojure

DIY Echo Home Speaker

Mycroft Official Website

Mycroft Community Forums “Hey Mycroft, Where Is the International Space Station?”

PuTTY download

Digital Trends: “Finally, an A.I. voice assistant that doesn’t collect and monetize your data” (Mycroft Mark 2)

Creating a Jigsaw Puzzle

SketchUp Official Website

SketchUp Free Web-based App

Laser Burglar Alarm

Micro:Bit Official Website

Where to get a Micro:Bit

Mu Python Editor

Wikipedia: Photoresistor (Light Dependent Resistor) Light Dependent Resistors

Kinesthetic Computer Science

About kinesthetic learning

16 characteristics of kinesthetic and tactile learners

Engaging students in STEM

Also In The April 2018 Issue

Logic puzzles help develop reasoning skills useful for programming, computer science, and anything you might do.

Find perfect and fun gifts for your loved ones that teach STEAM concepts and skills.

From light-up bow-ties to conductive thread, you’ll be the life of the party with this STEAM-inspired gear.

A free online test service reveals how much personal data your web browser is giving away.

Add more tools to your command line arsenal, including running mini-scripts and making backup copies.

Use switches to take your robotic creations to the next level.

An old classic with a electronic twist, featuring JavaScript and micro:bit.

Create the American flag in SketchUp using this detailed tutorial.

From lasers to supernovas, Berboucha is making science communication a priority.

Code can always be improved. Check out these tips to make you the best programmer you can be!

It’s a programming language unlike any you’ve seen before. Check out this symbolic system designed for mathematical calculations.

New, improved, faster, and sleeker - it’s Scratch 3, your new favourite block language!

Learn about the brilliant algorithm behind all of your GPS devices.

It’s free, comprehensive, and available on-the-go. This cool app helps you master Python faster than ever before.

Open up whole new worlds to explore through these interesting, diverse add-ons.

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